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Below, I have listed backgrounds that I found. The URL for the images on this page is: Replace "filename.gif" with the name of the file you would like to use. Hope you like them! :-)

3-dsmileys.gifBlue 3-d smileys. :)

beach.gifBeach things

bl-squiggly.jpgBlue squiggly background.

blue-tri.jpgBlue and purple triangle background.

blueblack.gif-Blue and black design.

blueblack2.gif-Another blue and black design.

blueblobs.gif-Blue blobs

-Blue Border w/ green.

blueflowers.jpg-Blue daisy border.

brown1.jpg-Brown border

butterflies1.gif-Little butterflies.

butterflyheart.jpg-Blue fractal sky w/ butterfly heart.

cat-border.jpg-Kitty-cat border.

chess.jpg-Chess background

circles.gif-Circle background

cloud-border.jpg-Cloud bordered background.

clouds.jpg-Sky background

clouds2.jpg-Fractal clouds

crystalized.gif-Crystalized blue and purple.

colored-web.gif-Black marble with colored veins going through it.

dblue-border-2.jpg-Dark blue border.

-Dark green pattern.

fairy.jpg-Pink background with a little fairy.

fleur.jpg-Sunflowers :)

flowers.jpg-White and pink flowers.

gold-border.jpg-GoldFish border-cute. :)

green-leaves.jpg-Green leaves background.

green-pattern.jpg-Green patteren

green-rug.jpg-Green rug border.

greentrip.jpg-Trippy green background

gre_yel.jpg-Green and yellow background

http.gif-HTTP (written) background.

kewldaisies.jpg-Daisy Background

lionborder.gif-Lion border background.

multi-boxes.gif-Multi-colored boxes.

neongreen.gif-Neon green design.

notebook.gif-Notebook Background

oragefuzz.jpg-Orange fuzzy background.

paws1.gif-Big brown paws background.

paws2.gif-Little paws background.

pink-yellow.gif-Pink and yellow background

pink1.jpg-Pink background

pink2.jpg-Another pink background

pinkbluestreak.gif-Pink and blue streak background (very cool).

pinkblufuzzy.gif-Pink and blue fuzzy background.

pinktrip.jpg-Trippy pink background

poohbear.jpg-Winnie the Pooh background (nice) :)

pool.jpg-Pool water background.

pretty.jpg-Just look and see :)

pur-blu-fuzzy.jpg-Purple and blue fuzzy background.

purp-waves.jpg-Purple waves background

purple.jpg-Purple background

pur_bla.jpg-Purple and black background.

puzzle.jpg-Puzzle piece background.

rainbow.gif-Rainbow background

raindrops.gif-Raindrops backgroundred-white.jpg-Red and white background

redheart.gif-Red hearts background.

redstuff.jpg-Red background

sixpack.gif-Six kitty cats background :)

spring.gif-Spring background

tealgrey.gif-Teal and grey background

white-red.jpg-White and red background

yellow.jpg-Yellow background

yelo-ora-fuzzy.jpg-Yellow and orange fuzzy background.

Ok, that's all of them. Hope you found something that you like. If you have a background you'd like to submit, or have a comment or a question-just e-mail me. :)