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Online Tools

Below, I have listed links to some online tools. I used most of these to create this site.

Star Boulevard Transload Service

Use this tool to transload files into your homepage file directory. Really comes in handy when making banners, etc.


Save the Validator in your favorites folder, and make a shortcut to it. Use it to get the HTML from any webpage.


The NetMechanic has several tools on their website to tune-up your homepage.


Brian Livingston's CoolText.Com-a FREE service that enables you to make customizable logos and buttons for your webpage or email. I used this site to create all the banners you see at the top of all my pages. :)

"WebFX"-The Graphics Tool

"WebFX" allows you to change the way an image that you find online looks. You can do lots and lots of stuff to images, and then transload them. This tool is really great when you find a jpg or gif that you would like to use for a background, but you find it to be too dark or bright. You can just go here-and fade it a bit, and VOILA! a nice background, and you can actually see the text. LoL

Image Magik

Another online graphics manipulation tool. :)

The Banner Generator

A really great banner generator. I used this to make the banners on my pages.

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