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WebTV E-Mail Signature Help

Webtv E-mail Signature Help

Ok, so you want to put graphics and sounds on your e-mail. In order to do this, you must
1)Know where the signature box is.
2)Know some HTML

Well, that's what I'm here for.:) I made this page for absolute beginners, so if you are interested in learning more advanced HTML, go to my HTML Help Links Page.

Where Is The Signature Box?

To get to the signature box, just click on "Settings" while you are in your e-mail box, and then click on "Signature". This will bring up a box in which you type in all of your HTML codes. :)

What is HTML?

HTML is Hyper Text Mark-up Language. It uses a series of commands in the form of <tags>.

In order to get started, the first thing you type into the signature box, (no spaces or anything!) is <HTML>. This is called the opening tag. There are only ONE of these in the entire signature box. After you have typed in the <HTML> tag, you follow it by typing in the codes for what you want in your signature. Below, I have some codes and explanations to get you started. :)


To put a background color on your e-mail just use the following code:

<body bgcolor="color">

You may also change the color of your text by adding a text attribute to the code like this:

<body bgcolor="color"text="color">

It's important to remember that you ONLY put spaces where they are specified here. Notice there is a space beteween "body" and "bgcolor" but there are no other spaces in this code.

To use a graphic as a background (like what I did on this page) use the code below:

<body background="URL of background">

[Note:A URL is the website address of the background you want to use. You must get the EXACT address of the background in order to use it. EX:The URL for the background used on this page is]

Like with the <body bgcolor="color"> tag, you can add a font color attribute to this tag as well by doing to following:

<body background="URL"text="color">