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Okie Dokie. Here's my favorite part. Where I list all my favorite sites. No classifications-just sites that I really like. :+)

Abuse Survivors WebSite-This site was started by my very dear friend and sistah, Judith Ann Lee. It is a wonderful site, and is very informative. For those of us who have been unlucky enough to have our lives touched by abuse, this is a wonderful site to visit. Also, even if you are a non-survivor, you will gain new insights to the pain abuse survivors face, and what a hard and long road it is to heal.

CyberAngels is an online organization dedicated to safety on the internet. They help people get rid of stalkers, shut-down sites that exploit children, and stuff like that. Overall-great org. (Yours truly is a member of their TeenAngels)
DFN-Digital Freedom NetworkNuff said, eh?

The Electronic Activist

NetAction Internet Resources

Go Girls!
Go Girls=Giving Our Girls Inspiration&Resources for Lasting Self-Esteem. A project started by EDAP (Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention.)

The InSiteAn internet site for young adults. The InsSite also has chat rooms in Talk City. :+)

SolsTCCe's Homepage!

Bob's Chat Links
Bob's Chat links-packed right to the um, rim (?) with IRCs.

Ok, you may be wondering by now-what's up with all the damn smiley faces? Well, I have this really insane twin sister (she's the evil one, can't you see my halo?) who is obsessed with smiley faces. So, Brianne, (Brianne the fyring pan heehee, remember that?) here you go. I dedicate this page of a million smileys to you. :+)

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